RSDS Grand Opening Meet!

The first meeting of RSDS will be Monday, Jan. 30 at 7:00 PM in the RMC Grand Hall. There will be a 30 min two-step lesson followed by a 30 min Swing lesson. In between we’ll have free practice and awesome demos. Come and dance and have fun and meet new friends! There will be snacks!



Swing Lessons Start Tomorrow

Swing Lessons start tomorrow (WED)!  We will have the wonderful Hank and Meagan teaching beginner Swing from 7:45 to around 9, then free dance until around 10 PM, all in the lovely McMurtry college commons.

Come and join us!

Anya + Cameron, Presidential types

A new season of dance!

A new year is upon us and we have all (hopefully) settled nicely back into campus. Now it is time to get out and DANCE! The first meeting for RSDS will be this Thursday, September 1 at 7:00 PM  in the RMC Grand Hall. Come and join us for a free introductory lesson & meet and greet. There will be FOOD!!!

Dances that we cover this year include:

  • Tango
  • Waltz
  • Salsa
  • Cha-cha-cha
  • Samba
  • Foxtrot
  • Two-Step
  • and much more

For more information please email Anya or Cameron (RSDS Presidents): rsds(at)

Everyone is welcome, so please come and bring a friend! We look forward to seeing all of you!

Lindy Workshop Weekend!

In January, RSDS is hosting a 2-day Lindy workshop. On Jan. 23-24 there will be 10-1hour lessons taught by four instructors. 3 are from Albuquerque’s “Groove Juice Special,” a dance team the just won the 2009 Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, and the fourth is Anna Whitmire, an RSDS teacher and competitive dancer in Houston.

regular regristration: $100

RSDS non-Rice member: $50

RSDS student member: FREE

Please go to the workshop website for more information.

See you on the 23rd!

Fall 2009 Update

Classes are starting soon:

Ballroom = Tuesdays 6:30-10:00, RMC Grand Hall
Tango = Wednesday evenings, TBA
Swing = Thursdays, 7:00-10:30, Miner Lounge

FREE DANCING! Every Tuesday, 10pm-midnight

TUESDAY, September 1 will be our first ballroom meeting. It’s a meet-and-greet dance, with pie from House of Pies!

More info coming soon…

Argentine Tango with Indre at Continental Club before Glover

In nature the circle often occurs in moments of transformation- the wave curls and breaks, the pebble dropped in a pool spreads a concentric pattern, the tree adds another ring. Such is life. Very similar to tango. In tango couples are turning all the time: in a big circle around the room in the line of dance, woman around the man, man around the woman.

Come and learn the Tango through turning. Learn 5 basic turns for social dance floor. 5 Mondays in a row.

Starting June 29 till July 27, Every Monday
At Continental Club 3700 Main @ Alabama

7pm- 8pm (Stay longer for glass of wine and dance tango to Glover Gill)

$40 for 5 classes, $10 drop-in, 50% discount for students.

To register, ask questions contact Indre at indrerapal (at) gmail (dot) com.

transform your life with tango

Salsa dancing in May

The Melody Club and United Salsa Student Salsa Social Is Always The Third Thursday of The Month. The Next Will Tomorrow May 21, 2009.

The Houston Salsa Congress has new dates. The next congress will be January 14-17, 2010. Check out our newly confirmed performers who will come to Houston in 2010… May 31, 2009 is the last day to purchase discounted full passes for only $120…

Salsa socials at Sonia’s dance studio will continue as always the last Sunday of the month on Sunday May 31, 2009.