Argentine Tango with Indre at Continental Club before Glover

In nature the circle often occurs in moments of transformation- the wave curls and breaks, the pebble dropped in a pool spreads a concentric pattern, the tree adds another ring. Such is life. Very similar to tango. In tango couples are turning all the time: in a big circle around the room in the line of dance, woman around the man, man around the woman.

Come and learn the Tango through turning. Learn 5 basic turns for social dance floor. 5 Mondays in a row.

Starting June 29 till July 27, Every Monday
At Continental Club 3700 Main @ Alabama

7pm- 8pm (Stay longer for glass of wine and dance tango to Glover Gill)

$40 for 5 classes, $10 drop-in, 50% discount for students.

To register, ask questions contact Indre at indrerapal (at) gmail (dot) com.

transform your life with tango