Officers for 2009-2010

Congratulations to the elected RSDS officers for the 2009-2010 school year!

We are excited to announce that Michael Rog will serve as President for next year. He is excited to hear your ideas and suggestions: rsds(at)

The full roster of new officers is as follows:

Michael Rog

Yang Hu

Ballroom Events Coordinator
Emilia Stepinski and Autumn Allen

Swing Events Coordinator
Tal Einav and Emily Watkins

Tango Events Coordinator
Sriram Eleswarapu

Harvest Moon Ball Event Co-Chairs
Emily Watkins and Tal Einav

Dances With Owls Event Co-Chairs
Emilia Stepinski and Autumn Allen

We also extend gratitude to everyone who served as an officer this year. It has been an amazingly successful year for us — lots of new members and new interest in the program, several awesome workshops, a new demo team, and lots of competition wins. Thank you to…

Emilia Stepinski (2008-2009 President), Robbie Fraleigh, Michael Dirk, Joe Chang, Becky Saunders, and Natalie Webber