Jazz Soiree 2009

The Rice Social Dance Society is gearing up for their annual swing dance, the Jazz Soiree. This is an (optionally) classy affair, so feel free to ritz it up, or come as casual as you wish. We’ll provide the snacks and water, the Rice Jazz Band will provide some live grooves, and you provide the steps. There will be an intro lesson before the night gets in to full swing, so be sure to bring your friends. And the best part? It’s completely FREE!

A call for performers:

The trouble with running a club on campus is that the officers and students turn over too fast to really continue any one legacy. However, persons older (and wiser) than us have informed us that there used to be performances at RSDS’ Jazz Soiree. We’re pretty tickled by the idea and are looking for groups, couples, and individuals who want to perform at the Jazz Soiree this year. We welcome swing dancers (of course!) but are also glad to see any other sort of social dance.

If interested, please email Natalie (nweber@rice.edu) ASAP, and no later than Wednesday, April 8th

The down-low:
Friday April 10th, 2009
Rice Jazz Band playing 9pm – midnight
Intro lesson 7:45-9:00pm

Martel Commons, Rice University campus

  • You can find Martel here (http://www.rice.edu/maps/maps.html), or it is #42 on the printable map on the same page. There is construction around campus, so it is a little confusing to get to, but we will try to have signage around the campus.
  • Parking: The nearest visitors’ parking on campus is at Founder’s Court (http://parking.rice.edu/visitors.cfm). However, it is generally easier to park north of campus on a residential street that allows parking and walk on to campus.

Questions? Contact Natalie Weber (nweber@rice.edu)

Swing class tonight

Please note that although we met for the Sampler class at 7:00 while Terry and Van were teaching, Richard can come earlier so we are reverting to our original schedule!

6:30-7:30 Sampler class (Richard)
7:30-8:00 open dance time
8:00-9:00 Beginner Lindy Hop

Swing Sampler

The next three weeks of the Swing Sampler class (ie. up till our four day weekend) will be taught by Richard Lyders. Richard came to our swing class last semester quite a bit, so you might know him — he’s got spikey hair and he’s a really great dancer. Richard has been dancing with the Hepcats (the Houston Swing Dance Society’s performance team) for several years now.

Plus, Chloe, who will be teaching for two weeks after the break, will also be there, so we really get two for the price of one this round.

Beginner Lindy

Lindy Hop is the “grandfather” of all swing styles. This is the original dance from the 20s. It’s an 8-count dance and is traditionally danced to big band music (swing and jazz) but is extremely versatile and can be danced to anything from R&B to Matchbox 20 to 80s pop to… Well, you get my point.

What’s the difference from the class we’ve been teaching? Jitterbug is a six-count dance, and basically a somewhat simplified version of the Lindy Hop. The basic move is not the same, though you can mix Jitterbug steps into Lindy and vice versa (unless you’re at a competition, where they care about these things). More importantly, they both use the same lead-follow. In our Lindy class we will still spend time working on lead and follow, but in the context of learning the new dance style, techniques, moves, and footwork.