NEW class starting October 30

RSDS is adding a half-semester class to the Fall 2008 repertoire: Beginners’ Lindy Hop will begin on OCTOBER 30th directly after the current swing class.

Lindy Hop is the original swing dance from the first part of the 20th century, and is the grandfather to Jitterbug, West Coast, Carolina Shag and all those other swing variants out there. Lindy Hop is an 8-count dance, so it’s a little different than the 6-count Jitterbug we teach in the first class. This will be a beginner class so anyone can join, but you will have a huge headstart if you’ve been in the swing class so far. It’s not too late to join either class (or any RSDS class) but it might be a good idea to contact the instructors so they can give you a little one-on-one time before the lesson: and

WHAT: Lindy Hop swing class
WHEN: Thursdays, 8:00 – 9:15 (*Begins Oct. 30!)
WHERE: Willy’s Pub
WHO: Anyone and everyone. Spread the word.