Officers for 2008-2009

At the election meeting today, RSDS chose new officers for the 2008-2009 school year.

We are excited to announce that Robbie and Emilia will serve as Co-Presidents for next year. They are excited to hear your ideas and suggestions: robbie.fraleigh(at) and emilia.m.stepinski(at)

The full roster of new officers is as follows:

Emilia Stepinski and Robbie Fraleigh

Michael Dirk and Joe Chang

Publicity and Logistics
Michael Rog

Ballroom Coordinator
Becky Saunders

Swing and Tango Coordinator
Hailey Hinson

Music Director
Michael Rog

Advanced Instruction Facilitators
Emilia Stepinski and Robbie Fraleigh

Harvest Moon Ball Event Chair
Hailey Hinson

Dances With Owls Event Co-Chairs
Emilia Stepinski and Robbie Fraleigh

We also extend gratitude to everyone who served as an officer this year. It has been an amazingly successful year for us — lots of new members and new interest in the program, several awesome workshops (most recently, a HUGE turnout for the West Coast Swing event), and lots of competition wins. Thank you to…

Zhe Loy (2007-2008 President), Michael Dirk, Emilia Stepinski, Joe Chang, Robbie Fraleigh, Hailey Hinson, and Laura Liem